IGNITE Your Exposure!



Your business and hard work deserve attention! LitPR can help you get it!

Media Appearances

LitPR helps you create a strategy for business exposure and engagement success! Using your assets and expertise, we will leverage what you already know to create a sizzling brand story, engaging content and strategic exposure to media contacts in television, radio, print and online. Most importantly, we will help you position your brand assets to drive sales, conversion and engagement with your clients, fans and prospects.
LitPR’s founder, Kristen Brown, has appeared in the media and on stage over 200 times (she is the founder of Happy Hour Effect for workplace culture and stress management) and helps her clients land gigs too. She knows how to craft compelling brand stories to attract fans, memorable pitches that engage the media and interesting content that entertains audiences. Here is how she can help:
  1. We will create a buzz-worthy brand presence, content strategy and engaging media resources that showcase your best assets to attract media, fan and customer attention.
  2. We will train you and your team to deliver the message, presence and call-to-action that garners you more engagement.
  3. You will learn how to craft a pitch and who to send it to for effective media outreach.
  4. We will help you position your media appearances, content and brand messaging for credibility and exposure at critical points in your sales and marketing plans.

Who Do We Work With?

At LitPR, we work with entrepreneurs and brands who are improving the world with their products and services and need exposure to help on a bigger scale. If you’re a big-hearted business, let’s talk about your goals.
We also focus on serious authors who want more from their writing life than to sell their book to their family and friends. If you’re an author ready to commit to your success, we can help you get there.

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